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When we approach a project, “General” is the last word that comes to our mind. At Westland, we become more than the Contractor; we become an advocate for the project. Our success equals your success as an owner.

Doing things the “Westland Way” means integrity, quality, efficiency, value, and service. Delivering the product we are contracted to deliver, while treating the project like our own, is foremost in our minds. Since our first day in business, our focus has been on the client, sharing their goals and celebrating their successes on projects. Our core competencies below ensure that project goals are met successfully.

•Cost monitoring and control
•Schedule development and control
•Subcontractor management
•Field engineering and site management
•Safety assurance
•Project accounting
•Change management
•Shop drawings and material submittal review
•Quality control

Our goal from start to finish is to have our title of General Contractor to be “Trusted Partner”

  • In my experience as a Temple Recorder, it has been a blessing to participate in extensive renovation projects in the Chicago Illinois, Los Angeles California, and Jordan River Utah temples. Each project utilized general contractors with sub-contractors spanning many crafts and disciplines requiring temple recommend holders to perform the majority of the work. When comparing the three experiences, I must say that Westland Construction Company and its president, Stan Houghton, stand clearly at the top.

    John Dietrich, Temple Recorder – Jordan River Utah Temple
  • The Helper Junior High School was a remodel of huge proportion. We gave Westland two summers for the work, but they brought their own schedule to the table and completed the work in one summer with no interference to the fall start…Westland has been very honest, able and effective and we would not hesitate to use them again in any future projects.

    Deon Kone, Carbon School District
  • From the LDS Church perspective, we are very concerned about 1. Time, 2. Cost, and 3. Quality. Westland Construction has been very attentive to our concerns and they have helped us bring all projects in under cost and on time.   I recommend Westland as a contractor who will be attentive to your needs and concerns and who will work with you to bring your project to a successful completion.

    Gordon Anderson, LDS Church Project Manager

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