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LDS Church History Museum Renovation Completed

by Westland Construction on September 30, 2015 No comments

Westland Construction has completed renovation work on the LDS Church History Museum in Salt Lake City, UT and the Museum has reopened as of Wednesday, September 30.  The renovations include new exhibits, original artifacts, and interactive multimedia stops throughout the museum, including videos and newly commissioned artwork.

This museum is the LDS Church’s flagship facility for displaying art and historical artifacts.  Westland’s staff was tapped to oversee the year-long renovation, that included a nearly complete reconstruction & reconfiguration of the useable space, which encompasses 4 levels and 61,000 sf.

The new interior includes 8 new exhibit areas, with a 240-degree surround theater as the main feature. The theater boasts internet streaming capabilities and a high-end sound system.  In addition to the new exhibit areas, the museum store was enlarged and updated, and escalators were removed and replaced with a Grand Staircase.   A façade of the old ZCMI General Mercantile Store, historically significant to Salt Lake City and the Church, was also installed in the exhibit area.

For more information and to see details of new exhibits, hours etc., visit

Westland ConstructionLDS Church History Museum Renovation Completed

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