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The Brimhall Building was constructed in 1918. Two additional floors were added in 1935. The Brimhall Building is the 3rd oldest building on the Brigham Young University Campus which holds a significant amount of history and sentimental value. This extensive remodel involved three floors of 12,000 sq. ft. each floor. A key element of the project was to preserve the original historical look of the building exterior and to maintain as much of the original look inside, yet at the same time, accomplish the new scope of work. The project required complete demolition of the entire third floor which led to a re-frame for new walls and for all new offices and new classrooms. The second floor plaster walls were preserved with the ceilings being removed to allow for new HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire protection. Nearly all of the first floor was completed similar to the second floor. The original roof was kept which led to extensive seismic upgrades being added throughout. Intumescent paint was applied to the existing wood structures and a new sarnifil roof membrane was put on the roof. A very elaborate seismic upgrade was done to the building. Sixty-eight cores were drilled down the outside walls from the roof to the footings with rebar and epoxy filling the cores. On the inside a fiberglass wrap was applied to the old adobe bricks and then the gypsum plaster was repaired to original condition. Throughout the entire Brimhall Building, all new HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire protection was added. All new doors and hardware were also added throughout the building. The Brimhall Building was finished three months ahead of schedule while completing many owner generated changes to the original scope of work.


WPA Architects

Project Size

36,000 SF


Brigham Young University


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