BYU Richards Building


This high-class, state of the art educational facility consisted of building a new, two story, 22,717 SF addition to house the university’s world-class dance rooms, sound proof music instruction rooms, and costume production areas. It included work such as structural masonry units, masonry veneer, wide span structural steel members, suspended concrete waffle slab decking, along with intricate metal stud wall and ceiling framing, architectural glass units to provide natural lighting into the facility, exterior observation and conversation decks, with accompanying elevator to service the multiple levels of required access.

The site was very condensed and extremely difficult to work, due to the building area being sandwiched in between an existing building and a 60’ high hillside, which required multi-level concrete retaining walls before work on the buildings footings and pad could even begin. The extensive amount of work on the existing fiber optics lines, storm drains and other critical underground utilities that serviced adjacent, occupied buildings needed to be re-routed, and removed in some cases. This required critical scheduling methods and shutdown periods that occurred when it was convenient for the university class schedules.


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Project Size

22,700 SF


Brigham Young University


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