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Westland has been selected to assist the LDS Church with renovation it’s busiest temple in the world. Development plans include an upgrade of all interior finishes, an upgrade and replacement of existing lighting, replacement of mechanical/electrical equipment that may be near the end of useful life, replacing acoustical tile ceilings with hard lids, some selective demolition of interior walls, modify and upgrade men and women initiatory areas, upgrade the bride’s dressing suite, remodel and renovation and expansion of the C Room with structural shear wall modifications and strengthening of the columns to the footings, seismic reinforcement at entry canopy and tower, replace the escalators with stairs, upgrade and remodel and renovation of the baptistery area, add a separate baptistery entrance, etc.


Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects

Project Size

148,236 SF


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints



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