Hillcrest High School


The Hillcrest High School Addition project consisted of two phases over a 14 month schedule. The first phase included the demolition of a portion of the existing asphalt parking lot and the installation of a new soccer field, along with a new restroom building and concessions building. This phase was an approximate 3-1/2 month schedule, and needed to be completed prior to the beginning of the second phase. The second phase consisted of a 30,000 SF two-story new building, located behind the north east corner of the existing high school, over the existing soccer field. The new building consists of structural steel with metal stud framing and block veneer. The building consists of 12 new classrooms, including new science rooms and computer labs. This new addition is also housing a 9th grade class that began attending school at Hillcrest High as of August 2013.


MHTN Architects

Project Size

58,000 SF


Canyons School District



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