Contract manufacturing facility for the nutraceutical industry. This facility manufactures tablet, capsule, and pill form dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, liquid nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, personal care products including hair care, skin care, oral care, anti-aging products and more. Special features of this facility include specially designed decorative concrete tilt up walls, steel frame and roof joist construction, concrete mezzanines, a very high tech security system to keep “the competition out,” computer flooring, specialty fire suppression systems, electronic and calibrated equipment set up, piping and installation, steam boilers and chiller systems, stainless steel mixing and holding tanks, stainless steel product piping, elaborate “HEPA Filtered” mechanical systems, all combined to meet the latest “GMP” manufacturing and packaging standards required by all State and Federal agencies.


Kevin Scholz & Associates

Project Size

405,000 sq. ft.


SupraNaturals, Inc.



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