Topaz Museum


The Museum is a honed and polished CMU block structure. The interior has a large exhibit area where it is exposed to the roof structure giving it a feeling of size. An independent firm out of California completed the interior design work for the exhibit area. Most of the building has polished concrete floors, with carpet only in a few office areas. Once you leave the main building to the south, you enter a cedar fenced area that houses one of the original recreation area structures from the Topaz internment camp, which was located about 15 miles outside of Delta. This area is large enough to act as an overflow area for school field trips and special events. This is not only a Museum but an educational building as well. The main building is approximately 8100 sq feet, with the area to the south adding around 3000 sq feet. Parking for this building is the same as for the Civic Center.


SMA Architects

Project Size

11,000 sq. ft.


Topaz Museum Board



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